How To Get Away With Adultery

Why do some get caught with another, and others do not?

Is it dumb luck? Sometimes.

Is it smart planning? Maybe.

Or, does the cheater secretly want to get caught? More than likely.

If you are having an affair, or desire to have an affair, and do NOT want to get caught with your pecker parked in a new garage, or your garage accepting a new pecker – there are a few simple ways to minimize the risk of getting caught.

Are these methods 100%? Nope, nothing is. However, if you take just a few simple precautions, you could have all the lovers you want, and still (for whatever reason) remain in your marriage or other relationship.

One – pick a partner with as much, or more to lose, if caught than you. Make sure they are as attached in a relationship. Preferably, one in which they stand to lose financially if they are outed. If you are an older man or woman messing around with someone years younger, unattached and/ or just starting out in life – go the other way. No, run the other way. If a young thang is your thing, well prepare to get caught. They have no incentive to keep YOUR secret. Make sure your cheating partner has their own secret to protect.

Two – menopause is excellent birth control. If you are a man involved with younger women, see rule 1, however if you chose to ignore, get a fucking vasectomy! Nothing will throw your world in to turmoil more than a pregnancy. If you are a woman not of menopausal age  – get on the pill, insert an IUD or get your tubes tied. Again, nothing will out you quicker than a pregnancy, especially if you haven’t been banging your spouse.

Three – get a burner cellphone. Walmart, Target, and every kiosk in every shopping center has them for sale. Keep the burner phone on your person at all times, except when going in the house for the evening. Never  leave it out around the house or in the car, even if no one else is home or you are the only one to use the car. You never know.  When you go in for the evening, place the burner phone in your trunk. The spare tire compartment makes a good hiding place.

Four – set up a phony social media account that doesn’t use your name and pictures. Keep your contact with those you are being intimate on this account. And do NOT post pictures of yourself, family or those with whom you are involved. Put no identifying information on this account. And for God’s sake, use the burner cellphone number for verification.

Five – pay cash for EVRYTHING. Meals, motels, trips, whatever it is – leave NO paper trail. Once a credit or debit card is used, the risk of someone else finding out is increased.

Six – join a gym and keep a packed spare gym bag in your car. If you decide for a mid-day romp, you are gonna get some of the scent and/or make-up from your partner on your clothes or body. If you have an office rendezvous, go to the gym before heading home, take a shower, wash your hair, (ladies nothing traps the scent of a cock as does the hair atop your head) and put on the fresh clothing. Take the clothes you wore while engaged in whoring  activities to a dry cleaner and not the same one your partner uses. Do NOT put them in your home laundry for your spouse, or significant other, to stumble upon. Nothing comes into the house that may have made contact with your lady or gentleman lover.

Seven – keep your lies simple. Do not make stories of where you have been or who you were with overcomplicated. The more detailed the lie, the more apt you are to trip up. Do not involve others in your lie because you can not control them.

Eight – keep out of the public eye with the person with whom you are cheating. If you are both in other relationships, your meetings are for sex, you are not dating, you do not to be out together in public holding hands. Stay away from places in your general area, use a 25 mile radius as a general rule, but 50 to be safe. It only takes one loud mouth, busy body to rat you out.

Nine – and finally, keep your mouth shut. Don’t brag to anyone. The more people who know, the less control you have, and the more likely you are to get caught. Only two people should know, unless of course, you are having group encounters.

So, there you have it – a few simple steps to minimize the risk of getting caught having an affair. Fidelity and faithfulness are over-rated. You should enjoy the sexual pleasures of as many people as you possibly can. If for some reason you are in a relationship, ignore your commitment and run around and have a blast – just be cautious and careful and you too can enjoy infidelity.

Remember, say no to monogamy and enjoy the pleasure the flesh does surely hold. And never settle for just one.

Angelic AdulteryScono Sciuto is this generation’s hottest new author and the voice of erotic empowerment.

A unique storyteller, Scono combines erotica with awareness,

embrace the wild

fusing strong feminine sexuality with female empowerment.

In telling some of the most controversial stories of all time, Scono Sciuto is the strong voice for female sensuality in today’s modern world.


7 thoughts on “How To Get Away With Adultery”

    1. This is for those who want to remain married, be it for comfort, finances or whatever silly reason they may believe themselves to be trapped, yet still desire to experience the pleasure of others.

      I myself, would never be so foolish to enter the restrictive covenant of small minded puritanical societal rules.

      Thank you for taking the time to not only read, but comment.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad that you have recognized your own desires and created healthy parameters for living that out (not making commitments you can’t/won’t keep, etc). My encouragement would be for people to consider themselves with authenticity as you have, and not to enter into something (marriage) to gain an advantage (as you mention: finances, comfort, etc) if they aren’t willing to follow the rules of the game. Ultimately, they may think they are winning both, but they are really losing both. Even if discovery doesn’t happen, there are ripples of pain caused by deception and pretension. I don’t wish that on friends, or enemies. Again, I commend you for recognizing your own need/want to not follow the “rules” of marriage – you sound like someone I could respect, even if we agree to disagree.

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      2. The issue may be that people don’t go into a marriage for money, comfort, etc… but unfortunately, part of the trap of marriage is interdependency, which for many aspects of life is fine. However, when it comes to sex, as any other pleasurable activity, if done monogamously, it can become mundane. There are many aspects to sexual exploration that a one on one relationship can hinder.
        The problem comes with the emotional shackle placed upon sexual activities.
        If one can separate the emotional attachment from the act, and not only accept their partner’s desire to explore, but their own – the marriage could become stronger.
        Monogamy is man-made constraint, intended to hold women down, making them subservient to the male of the specifies.
        Men have always been unfaithful, it is a truism.
        Females place an emotional attachment to the act of sex, once a woman frees herself from the bounds of emotional attachment, she will usually become more fulfilled, and less inhibited in her own exploration and satisfaction.
        And, while we disagree, I respect your point of view….I would love one day to have a discussion.

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      3. You, also – in terms of respecting your point of view & would love to meet and talk one day!

        I hear all that you say, and while it sounds good from a detached, clinical viewpoint, observation of life tends to often show a potential contra reality.

        Rather than go through your points one-by-one and give you examples and counter arguments which I know you could provide me examples and counter arguments, I will address two things.

        First is my own personal experience about sexual satisfaction. Sex with my husband through the years ebbed and flowed with the rhythm of our lives and was always good, although frequency was impacted. At some points, we were willing to explore and try new things mostly based on pressure from work, kids, etc. Yet we always had space between us. Space that existed because there was not really completely vulnerability or transparency. In his case it was because he had parts of his life prior to me that he lied about coming into our marriage, and then he created situations (affairs) during our marriage that he also lied about. He spent much time making sure I did not get hurt by finding out and he heaped lies upon lies upon lies. Those lies acted as a barrier, a wall, between us. No matter how hard either of us tried to break it down, because he had to keep trying to cover and I had no idea what I was actually fighting against, we were unsuccessful. That resulted in lack of connection on all levels…emotional, physical, etc. Once those walls broke down with truth…once he revealed the double life he’d been living and the different past he had experienced, he was bare. He was naked and exposed. And I chose to take the risk of baring me too. My fears and secret joys and disappointments and wants that the space between us never gave me the confidence to share, I could now share with him. No walls. No barriers. And sex now? Off the charts. According to him, so much better than any other experience ever. And he had many. Because of our complete intimacy on all levels, we communicate about it, enjoy it, try things, change courses, laugh and it is miraculous. No one else could or should be involved in this life we now share together…it would shatter our intimacy. He says this…he says it every time we coach distressed couples. He says it every time he strokes my face and looks into my eyes, whether we are naked in bed or sitting on our couch watching a football game. He has blossomed in every way…his confidence, his emotional IQ, his tender care and his voracious and amazing sexuality. So bottom line is that for both of us, it was only when we became truly transparent and safe for each other that our sexual fantasies could let loose. That can only happen between two, committed people.

        On the broad spectrum of marriage and monogamy being a man-made social construct that ultimately is about creating subservience in women…data clearly shows that people in good married relationships experience greater physical health, less depression and anxiety, and live longer. As a data nut, this shows me that something is there…there is some inherent health value to good marriage. Here are a few of hundreds of studies to support those statements.

        Michigan State & Univ Cincinnati Study:
        Duke Study:
        Harvard Health siting several studies:

        Again, I am not judging your journey and hope that you find the path to your own emotional, physical and sexual wholeness.

        Best to you.

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