Hillary Clinton Is Not About Female Empowerment


How can Hillary Clinton, the antithesis to a strong woman, potentially be the first female president of the United States?

I could never vote for Hillary. She is not the type of woman to whom any young woman should ever look up. She allowed herself to be humiliated by a man who never found a pussy in which he didn’t want to park his peck.

It wasn’t simply his infidelity, as much as it was her standing by him, allowing herself to repeatedly be played a fool. She lied, continually, to cover his tracks. She didn’t have the strength to be on her own. She needed a man, because she wasn’t much of a woman.

However, standing by him wasn’t enough. When Bill was exposed for sucking on pre-moistened cigars and dropping some white on a blue dress; does she blame him? Of course not! Hilary Clinton doesn’t possess self-esteem or self-reliance. She requires…

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Published by: SconoSciuto

Good day everyone. I am taking over the blog page from Crystal and Simone. They will continue to help, but since I am going to be writing other short stories, novelettes, novellas and novels, I thought it better to have a more hands on approach. For those who purchased "Embrace the Wild" and "She Is The New Savior," I would like to take a moment and thank you personally right now. Also, if you have a chance, I would very much appreciate if you could put a review up on Amazon. Thank you again. Scono Sciuto

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