Dear Feminist – Victory NOT Equality!


We live in an age when a woman does not have to hide her beauty and femininity to be taken seriously.

Women, all women, no matter their body type or appearance, are sexy, sensual, sexual and demand to be taken seriously. Men must no longer be allowed to subjugate a women’s sexuality!

We are no longer in a battle for equality. Equality is not the desired goal. It is time for us to learn that so-called male feminist have been keeping women down.

Men don’t compete for equality and neither should women.

Fourth wave feminism is about victory. It is time to compete to win! 

Scono Sciuto is the voice of Female Erotic Empowerment.

In Scono’s own words from an interview last year sometime:

SSTN: I’m glad you brought up feminism. What exactly does this “fourth wave” feminism term mean?

Scono Sciuto: First off, I didn’t coin the term, but I…

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Published by: SconoSciuto

Good day everyone. I am taking over the blog page from Crystal and Simone. They will continue to help, but since I am going to be writing other short stories, novelettes, novellas and novels, I thought it better to have a more hands on approach. For those who purchased "Embrace the Wild" and "She Is The New Savior," I would like to take a moment and thank you personally right now. Also, if you have a chance, I would very much appreciate if you could put a review up on Amazon. Thank you again. Scono Sciuto

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