Just who is God?

Is God man or a woman, male or female?

Did God really have but one child?

What is salvation?

Is salvation even real, and if it is,  what is the true path?

Is sex a sin, or is open, wild sexual exploration the way to true enlightenment?

Is monogamy truly the will of God?

Is adultery sin or salvation?

Is the expression of free love the entrance to nirvana?

Is self-denial the true path to God’s kingdom?

Is religion really repression?

Is submission the true path to dominance?

Embrace the dark wild to see Her true light.


One thought on “God?”

  1. Who is God? Well I was raised Roman Catholic & went to parochial school. In first grade, I understood “God” to be a man in the sky (I didn’t know WHY he was male & not female). And the man-in-the-sky God was my father & your father, everybody’s father. No one saw him, but he was there.

    The summer between 4th and 5th grades (I turned 10) my maternal grandfather raped me & the man-in-the-sky God, who was supposedly all-knowing and all-seeing, didn’t do a goddamn thing to stop it. So I started to think maybe he wasn’t really there at all, that he had never been there in the first place.

    For a long time I lived like there was no God. I drank too much, I went with men who abused my body & didn’t care for or about me. What did it matter, there was no God.


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