Hillary Clinton Is NOT A Strong Woman!

How can Hillary Clinton, the antithesis to a strong woman, potentially be the first female president of the United States?

I could never vote for Hillary. She is not the type of woman to whom any young woman should ever look up. She allowed herself to be humiliated by a man who never found a pussy in which he didn’t want to park his peck.

It wasn’t simply his infidelity, as much as it was her standing by him, allowing herself to repeatedly be played a fool. She lied, continually, to cover his tracks. She didn’t have the strength to be on her own. She needed a man, because she wasn’t much of a woman.

However, standing by him wasn’t enough. When Bill was exposed for sucking on pre-moistened cigars and dropping some white on a blue dress; did she blame him? Of course not! Hillary Clinton doesn’t possess self-esteem or self-reliance, she requires the man who continually brings US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gedisgrace upon her, so she flippantly opts to victimize her husband’s victims.

The infidelity has no relevance, what is relevant is her response to the disgrace brought upon her. Instead of kicking his ass to Pennsylvania Avenue’s curb, she attacks her sisters. She placed a man’s subterfuge above the well being of women.

She, in my opinion, is not solely a bad example for female empowerment — she  is the opposite. Hillary sought destruction of women, over the  truth about a man.


Scono Sciuto is the voice of Female Erotic Empowerment.




One thought on “Hillary Clinton Is NOT A Strong Woman!”

  1. Ginnifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, & any other lesser-known Clinton mistresses, it’s impossible to blame and vilify them without doing the same to him. They didn’t take themselves to bed. And yet Hilary insists that her husband did nothing wrong. Those women were wrong for THEIR part, she contends, but her husband is a saint. Is she the only one who believed him when he sat there in court & said, “I did not have sec with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”? If she really believed that, I’d like to sell Mrs. Clinton a bridge, in Brooklyn.

    And now she wants to be president. The woman who stayed with the guy who cheated (and he cheated REPEATEDLY); the woman who refused to leave him as he made her look like a fool again & again. What kind of credibility will she have with the other world leaders? Vladimir Putin imprisoned members of the punk band Pussy Riot because they protested for women’s rights…do you think he’s going to take Mrs. Clinton seriously when he’s SEEN stronger women than her, and thrown them in prison in an attempt to break them, because I don’t. Putin will likely push past Hilary & talk to Bill like the old days.

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