The cock’s owner does not move, he simply remains still as she sucks it to orgasm. Just as she is about to get her reward, he pulls out. She tries to hold it in her mouth, she wants his come. She worked for it, she earned it. But it is not to be. She feels his balls against her head as the warm, sticky fluid wastefully lands upon her back.
As soon as he moves, another cock fills her mouth. Again, it is not his. This cock is considerably larger than her man’s, it may even be larger than the one that bought her so much pleasure before. This time there is movement, plenty of movement. This man is taking his over-sized cock and is fucking the hell out of her face.
She gags as it hits her throat and she spits up a bit. This action was met with suspension of the face fucking and the wood of the paddle, yes it is a paddle, against her ass. The strikes are hard and sends shock waves through her entire lower body. Each strike is directed to hit the plumped up lips of her pussy as well as her ass cheeks. Oh God, she thinks to herself, I am coming.
She wants to scream out in pleasure. In her mind she is telling herself this is perverse, this is wrong, but her body is telling her this is so extraordinarily veracious.

sub is dom cover


Published by: SconoSciuto

Good day everyone. I am taking over the blog page from Crystal and Simone. They will continue to help, but since I am going to be writing other short stories, novelettes, novellas and novels, I thought it better to have a more hands on approach. For those who purchased "Embrace the Wild" and "She Is The New Savior," I would like to take a moment and thank you personally right now. Also, if you have a chance, I would very much appreciate if you could put a review up on Amazon. Thank you again. Scono Sciuto

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