Pain Becomes Pleasure

At the same time she feels hands on her tits. They are not male, but they aren’t gentle. They squeeze at her nipples, they pinch each one. The pain is intense, but it is insanely
pleasurable. She wants to scream, but she is afraid the cock will be again taken from her.
Her cunt is secreting copious amounts of lubrication. This time she only thinks the words she wants to say. She wants none of this to stop, besides, she is getting fucked so good. And not only did she get fucked good once, not twice, but five men fucked her oh so good. And each and every one left themselves spilled upon her back.
The entire time the hands on her nipples are doing their pain inducing work, a change is occurring. Although pain is still perceived, pleasure is becoming the overriding sensation. Every thought in her brain knows her nipples should be hurting, but every nerve fiber in her body is telling her she is in a state of unquestionable ecstasy.
Then suddenly, everything stops. She hears the voice of her man. He asks her if she has had enough. She asks permission to answer. He gives it.
“No. My God no.” There is a tremble in her voice. A manic desire, thirsty for more.

sub is dom cover


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