5 Star Review


5 star review
This book was entertaining. This was a story about the character, Satin, and how she came to be the savior. This is not a typical coming of age book. Reading this book was like watching a biopic on tv, the ones that tell a life story with mystery and suspense. It didn’t have a specific plot, but it transitioned nicely into scenes that kept me wanting to keep reading. I prefer more full-bodied sentences, but despite that, it was a story well told. Obviously, as the title states, there is religion, but not the religion to which we are accustomed; it is the rise of a feministic religion. There is a scene of extreme violence, but any other violence is just rated R. It does have lots of sex, violence, minor cannibalism, prostitution, religion, and politics, but I would still classify it more of an erotica, not to be confused with a romantic, sappy love story with sex. It does have lots of sex though. This was a no-holds-barred book, which I find refreshing and personally enjoy. This book is definitely recommended reading for those who aren’t queasy, righteous, or fearful of violence.


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