The Intersection Of Love And Lust

The Angel lay on the bed, on her back, her legs slightly open, and her knees bent.
He rested on his stomach, his face directly in line with her wet, succulent snatch.
He tried to pause, he tried to hold off, but the wait had been too long. Without hesitation, he opened wide his mouth and covered her entire cunt.
His tongue ran along the opening, up and down, he sucked in her moisture as her excitement brought a steady supply.
Her legs opened slightly wider, his tongue moved quicker. The Angel moaned and arched her back.
He inserted within her one, then two and finally a third finger found their way inside of his love.
She lifted her hips, he ground his face into her. His pace quickened as his fingers moved in and out.
The Angel wanted it to last longer, but she couldn’t. A scream escaped her throat, her body shuttered. He removed his fingers and gently stroked, causing her orgasm to continue in gentle, diminishing waves. He moved, and held her. He kissed her deeply. He said nothing, nor did she, they simply lay on the bed, their embrace conveying more than words ever could. He kissed her again. She tasted herself. She became again excited.
She broke the embrace even as he tried to hold on. 
She kissed his mouth, his neck, his chest, as she made her way to that which she now coveted.

She reached her goal, and his hard cock was what she found. For her as well, it had been too long, but yet she hesitated. She studied for a moment that for which she hungered.

She said to him, “I have missed you, and I have missed your cock.”

Her eyes locked with his as she took him in her mouth. She devoured all of him, never once changing her gaze.
She moved her mouth up and down, savoring the taste of him. As she had, he wanted it to last longer, but he could not hold.
The Angel sensed him tighten. She pressed her fingers just under his balls, and with the other she grasped his cock firmly, all the while her lips continued licking.
When she felt the timing was right, she loosened her grip and removed her other hand. She moved her head slightly as a stream rose in the air. His fluid landed upon his stomach. She rubbed it.  She licked just a little and moved to kiss him.
He hesitated, but only a moment before kissing her back. He had never tasted himself upon her mouth, he kissed her deeply. 
The Angel gently moved her hand on his cock as they continued their kiss she rubbed that which she had caused.

He held her tightly,   “I love you,” he said.
She responded, “I love you too.” She licked a bit of him from her lips and then the Angel seemed to almost sing, “Forever, and never.”
She nestled her head in his chest.

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