My Turn!

e5e36-embrace2bthe2bwildHis words are music to my ears.  I have wanted to hear them for so long, and each time he utters them, I react with intense emotion.

My lover’s demands are not what I am used to, but I love to please him.

Also, I know he will strive to give me even greater pleasures with each moment of our passion.

He leads me to the bath.

He fills the tub with warm water.

He helps me in.

A large sponge is filled with aromatic soap, and he begins to cleanse my body.  He is starting at my neck and shoulders, as he applies the soap his strong, skilled hands massage my body.  He works his way down, spending many minutes on my breasts.  He leans over and whispers in my ears the words that make my heart skip a beat.

He continues downward and washes and massages each of my legs.  He does this with as much tenderness as he fucked me hard earlier.

Finally, he works his way to pussy.  He moves the sponge in and out removing the mixture that had been recently left behind.

I am relaxed.  He lifts me from the tub, towels me dry and sets me back on the bed.

He kneels before me, and spreads my legs while lowering his head.  He gently kisses my waiting pussy, his lips kissing mine.

He inhales deeply, at first this used to make me uncomfortable, but the smile on his face as he imbibes my scent has quelled any discomfort.

I am lost and completely gone to Eden.  I can’t tell you how much time is passing, nor do I care.  My lover pleases me with his mouth, I come several times before he is done.

Now, he gives me what I desire the most. He enters me, but it is not his cock I desire, it is the passion and connection that comes with it.  He is not fucking me with his body,  he is making love to me with his soul.

To see the light, we must enter the darkness.

Chase new experiences, and embrace the wild.


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