e5e36-embrace2bthe2bwildI went home.

I didn’t want my husband.

I went to sleep.

The next morning, I wake first.  I know I have to take him, I need his seed filling me.

I roll him on his back. I mount him. I look at his face, but it is not my husband’s I see, it is that of my lover.  I insert him inside of me.  It s the same as always, no foreplay, no passion, it is mechanical.  I ride up and down for just over a minute when his ejaculate flows and fills me.

I lay on my back, trying to keep as much as I can.  Hubby, gets up and gets dressed and is out the door.

I put on my underwear and raincoat, and nothing else.  I flee the house and hurry to my lover’s. I am anxious.  I need him.

I use my key.

I enter the door.

I make my way to his bed.

she is the new saviorHe is sleeping.  I wake him with a kiss.

“I’m ready.”  I tell him.

He asks me for proof that I have done my assignment.  I insert two fingers inside and show him the evidence.

He smiles, and instructs me to lick my fingers clean —- without hesitation I do.

I ask him if I should shower.

He doesn’t answer.

He simply takes me.

He pulls me to the bed and flips me on my back.  He rips my undergarment free from my body.  He kisses my neck, and once again his hot breath brings excitation.

His cock is again touching the lips of my pussy.  I am quivering with excitement.  I know this time I will have him.

He pushes forward, and after that slight pauses as his incredible cock penetrates my opening, he rams with all his might.

I whisper into his ear to fuck me harder — he does.

Seconds soon become minutes and after ten pass he reaches climax. He adds to the deposit that I carried to his house.

I tell him I wished he had let me showered first.

He smiles, “Who are you kidding? You love having the come of two men inside of you.”

He is correct, he knows me too well.   I love that I am slut, I love that I am his whore, and I love that I have just fucked two men in the last hour of time, I love that sperm of two men are mixing within me — I love that I have embraced the wild.

I sit up and wrap my arms around his neck.  He whispers into my ear……

I smile and I cry.

To see the light, we must enter the darkness.

Chase new experiences, and embrace the wild.


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