So Close

e5e36-embrace2bthe2bwildHis breath, on my neck, is warm.

His breathing is becoming quicker.

His cock is just touching the lips of my pussy.

I beg him to enter me.  He holds himself where he is.  I move my hips, but he lifts himself.

I want his cock, I need his cock, I must feel him inside of me.  I beg, but he does not give in.

“Why are you tormenting me?”

“Did you fuck your husband this Christmas?” he asked.

I told him, that although I was supposed to, I had not.

“I like when you are a slut.  I need you to be my whore.”

she is the new savior

“I am your adulterous whore, but the kid was home, and when he finally left, I was simply too tired.”

He knows I am lying. He always knows.

He told me, come back tomorrow, after I fucked my husband, and with his come still inside of me.  He got up from me and left.

He was right, I knew it, I simply didn’t desire my husband this Christmas, I wanted to be with him.  I wanted to enjoy being fucked, and I wanted something longer than a few minutes.  So, now, I pay my penance.  I was so close to having him inside of me, so close to feeling him, touching him, tasting him — so close.


To see the light, we must enter the darkness.

Chase new experiences, and embrace the wild.





Published by: SconoSciuto

Good day everyone. I am taking over the blog page from Crystal and Simone. They will continue to help, but since I am going to be writing other short stories, novelettes, novellas and novels, I thought it better to have a more hands on approach. For those who purchased "Embrace the Wild" and "She Is The New Savior," I would like to take a moment and thank you personally right now. Also, if you have a chance, I would very much appreciate if you could put a review up on Amazon. Thank you again. Scono Sciuto

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