The Slow Seduction Of A Woman — By A Woman

She is kissing my ear.  Her tongue enters my ear and I, ever so slightly, shutter.  She feels my response and again flicks her tongue into my auditory tube.  This time the shutter is not slight, my body is shaking as she runs her tongue in and out of my ear.  She is now circling the outside of my lobe, again my body starts to shake.

As her mouth works over my ear, her hand work their way to my breasts.  She cups each breast in the palm of each of her hands. She is not rough but not gentle either.  She applies just enough force to get my attention, and that attention is good.

She takes my left breast in both hands.  She runs the palm of one on my nipple while the other firmly squeezes my entire breast.  She runs the palm over my nipples, continuing on until the tip of finger is slightly in contact with tip of my nipple.  O God, I scream out.  What an sensation.

What is she doing now? She is running her tongue from my neck, over my collar bone to my breast.  She is squeezing my breast with both hands until only the areola and nipple are visible.  Now, oh my God, now she is circling my nipple with her tongue, just barely touching the tip.  A shriek escapes my mouth as now my breathing is becoming more rapid.  Now her tongue has stopped moving, it is just barely resting against my nipple.  She is doing nothing, but the sensation is overwhelming.  I scream out again.  After the last year of having my tits pawed and mauled, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I wasn’t aware of how stimulating such a light handling could be.  She is slowly pulling her tongue away, and I am screaming.

I grasped my hands around her neck, weakened by the experience.  She now lowers me on my back, removing my dress in the process.  I am on the sand, completely naked as I am not wearing any undergarments.  The water is just touching my body, the ocean is making quiet noises, so quiet I can hear a fish break the surface.  Under the illumination of the moon my goddess stands over me, she is removing her clothing, unveiling a form the likes I have never witnessed.

She lowers herself next to me, I reach to touch her, but she blocks my hand.  She starts kissing my breasts again, but she isn’t staying long, he mouth begins to move lower.  She kisses down my stomach, and then veers down my left thigh continuing to my feet.  Now she is sucking my toes, oh God, she is giving my toe a blow job.  If it was a cock I surely would have come by now.

She is pleased by my response, as much as I am pleased by her action.  She finishes sucking off my toe and starts her ascent.  She is licking, kissing and taking little bites as she is moving upward.

Finally, she is at my vagina.

She pauses and inhales the aroma emanating from within me.  “How many men did you fuck today?”  She asks without judgement.

“More than a dozen, I answer.”

She tells me that will have to do for now.

She is grabbing my entire pussy with one hand, pushing the lips together causing my clit to extend outward.  Her head is lowering and as she did with my nipple she is encircling my clit, barely making contact with my erectile organ.  My body is starting to shutter.  She continues with her little circles, while at the same time her hand holding my pussy is now firmly grasping and releasing.  The pressure from her hands remain firm as her tongue is staying lightly upon my clit.

Oh God, this is too much.

My body is shaking harder.

I’m coming.


Published by: SconoSciuto

Good day everyone. I am taking over the blog page from Crystal and Simone. They will continue to help, but since I am going to be writing other short stories, novelettes, novellas and novels, I thought it better to have a more hands on approach. For those who purchased "Embrace the Wild" and "She Is The New Savior," I would like to take a moment and thank you personally right now. Also, if you have a chance, I would very much appreciate if you could put a review up on Amazon. Thank you again. Scono Sciuto

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