Miranda Lambert Embraces The Wild?

According to reports, Miranda Lambert is said to have had affairs with at least five different men.

If true, we applaud Ms. Lambert. She has learned the truth about men’s place in our world; they exist to service us. 

Now free of the shackles of traditional marriage, Ms. Lambert can fully explore her sexuality.  She can now freely enter a world in which pleasure is not only to be sought, but to be had, explored and experienced. 

Miranda Lambert now knows, if reports are true, as our very own Patty understands, life is about her own desires, and her own passion. 

One lover is never enough.  We must experience the pleasures of many.  We must know what it is like to be pleased by many.  We must know the absolute joy of controlling many. And, we must know the ecstasy of completely embracing the wild.

Enter the darkness to see the light. Embrace The Wild Today!


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